The Salads is a story of a bizarre world where flowers, fruits and vegetables come alive, and still take after the special characteristics of their namesake. Ja Ja the sunflower is always bright and cheery. His full-time playfulness and obliviousness to trouble often get him into misadventures. His buddy Sunn the sunny balloon is both Ja Ja’s playmate and his vital source of sunlight when darkness approaches. Homma the onion is a cry-baby and very timid. However, being Ja Ja’s good friend, he often ends up in unbelievable situations. Captain Momelon, the water melon pirate, is the villain of the Salads’ world. Though never success in creating any real trouble, he and his silly gang often manage to end up in their own mess. In the Salad’s world, you will also meet Sa Sa the strong strawberry, Fu the rambutan who doesn’t like his own hair much, Din Din the taro ninja, Pun Pun the pineapple who feels he has too many eyes, Dr. Van the mad scientist, and many more fun characters that you will love. Their daily mischief and playfulness will make you smile.


Digicon6 #10 Regional Award, Thailand (2008)
First Prize

Digicon6 #10 Award, Japan (2008)
Regional Selected

SIPA Pitch, Thailand (2008)
First Prize

SICAF, Korea (2009)
Final Selected


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