Igloo Animation Lab | Wyvern & Robot

Igloo Animation Lab | Wyvern & Robot

What will happen when a team of animators send their robots to attack the city, and the city sends a Wyvern to fight back!!!!

Hello again from Igloo Animation Lab! In this Igloo house’s mini experimental project, Wyvern vs Robots (Playblast Version), it is the animator team’s intention to research and develop our work in a realistic style. We set up a fun scenario where Wyvern fights vs. Robots, combining the organic and mechanic aspects of character animation in the same project.

Chalermphol (Animation Director) told us about the origin of this project: “The reason why we chose Wyvern and robots is because they are characters which can help our team to get familiar with the use of timing in slow animation. They can understand more about weight and body machanic. This helps us to study the anatomy and behavior of a Wyvern in details. It also allows us to study the physical aspects, in order to apply these knowledge to other works in wider range and deeper details.”

“Another focus is on designing action choreography. We work on previsualization first to ensure that everyone in the team would get the clear picture of how fun, exciting, fierce and physics-wise it is before starting the animation process. In this project, our teammates are all very determined and and put all their effort in this project”

For those who want to see the final renders of Wyvern & Robots, be sure to follow the “Igloo Studio” page to support the team, and follow “Igloo Studio Careers” to receive news and job vacancies updates. Don’t be late! If you want to try, want to learn, hurry up and join the Igloo team. Just send your resume and portfolio to [email protected], and we will contact you back! 😁

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